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020 8773 4508 /3630


Cosmetic Fillings

White fillings (composite) can not only be used to restore teeth due to decay but can also be used as a minimally invasive way to improve theappearance of your teeth. They are becoming more popular as they require little preparation and restore function whilstmaintaining the tooth’s natural structure. White fillings can increase the longevity of the tooth before needing to be veneered or crowned.

You may want to consider cosmetic fillings to improve the appearance of individual or multiple teeth due to chips, wear or discolouration.  Composite fillings come in a range on shades to perfectly match your existing teeth.

Cosmetic fillings can also be used to close spaces between teeth, make teeth appear longer or change the shape. Composite resin is easily moulded, shaped and polished to match your other teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

White filings are substantially cheaper than crowns or veneers, and can be adjusted to suit everyone’s budget.

A white filling isn’t always suitable.Some teeth, such as those with root canal fillings, become brittle over time and a crown is the best option to preventfractures and breakages.

As with most dental restorations, composite fillings are not permanent and may someday have to be replaced. With care and good oral hygiene cosmetic fillings can last 5 or more years.