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020 8773 4508 /3630

What is Smilelign?

Smilelign is a virtually invisible, easy to use and affordable way to straighten your teeth. Using innovative technology, a clear orthodontic system is used to create your perfect smile.

How it works?

Smilelign is a series of invisible, removable braces, or aligners, changed every three weeks. Each aligner is designed just for your teeth, moving them very gently in order to create the desired smile

In most cases treatment takes between 6 and 12 months, however it can take as little as 3 months. Aligners must be worn day and night and only removed when eating or drinking.


Frequently Asked Questions

There is an initial assessment fee of £250. Treatment then starts from £2500.

The impressions we take during the first appointment are not just to create a 3D image. The lab will also use these to make pre-aligners which are worn for a few weeks to ensure a comfortable fit but also to ensure you can commit to wearing them full time. On your go-ahead we will then ask the lab to create all of the aligners. If not other orthodontic options can be explored.

During the initial appointment we will first of all check to ensure all your teeth are healthy before discussing the course of treatment, taking some photographs, and some impressions. These impressions/moulds are sent to the Smilelign laboratory, where using the latest software a 3D image of your teeth is produced. This 3D image aids to create a treatment plan specifically for you.

With care and good oral hygiene there is no reason why your smile design cannot last many years. Over time it is inevitable one or more teeth may need further treatment. If you have any concerns speak to your dentist before starting treatment.