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020 8773 4508 /3630


Visiting the hygienist

Our hygienists help to prevent tooth decay and gum disease by carrying out a range of dental treatments and educating patients on how to maintain their oral hygiene. They are skilled professionals who have a key part to play in the prevention and treatment of gum disease. The need for regular dental hygiene visits is on equal terms with regular dental visits.

What does the Dental Hygienist do?

Our dental hygienist will clean your teeth (scale and polish) and provide guidance on the best way to keep your teeth free from plaque. During your visit they will give you diet advice and oral hygiene instructions, such as the use of floss or interdental brushes, to aid the prevention of tooth decay and to keep your gums healthy.

Can a Dental Hygienist do anything else?

Dental hygienists may also take dental x-rays. The dentist will use these to help diagnose problems and decide on any treatment. Dental hygienists can also place fissure sealants, apply fluoride varnishes and administer fluoride treatments. Tooth whitening is also often carried out by the dental hygienist, under a prescription from your dentist.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Dental Hygienist will:

  • Check the patient’s medical history and ask the patient if they have any dental problems.
  • Discuss oral health, for example the treatment and prevention of gum (periodontal) disease, receding gums, tooth wear.
  • Give oral hygiene advice, for example tooth brushing technique.
  • Check the appearance of the gums, see if there is any plaque or bleeding.
  • Remove any hard deposits (calculus) and stain by scaling the teeth.
  • Polish the teeth.

A dental Hygienist is a dental professional who has been specially trained in the presentation and treatment of gum (periodontal) disease. This is the cause of adult tooth loss.

Hygienist also give advice on all aspects of oral health and hygiene.