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020 8773 4508 /3630

What is FastBraces®?

In as little as 120 days you could have perfectly straight teeth with Fastbraces®. Suitable for adults and children, Fastbraces® is a revolutionary system for fast, safe and easy orthodontic treatment.

How it works?

Traditional braces take around two years, moving teeth is two stages. First the crown of the tooth is moved to create the desired smile, secondly the root is positioned.

With Fastbraces® the patented and innovative triangular bracket and square wire work differently to correct these two stages in one go from the very beginning, meaning treatment can often be completed in less than half the time. What’s more, no tooth extraction is required, making it a perfect option for those parents who don’t want their children to lose any perfectly healthy teeth.

Additional benefits include a reduced risk of tooth decay and very little discomfort throughout treatment.

Fastbraces® is available in standard metal brackets or clear/white ceramic brackets for discretion.


Frequently Asked Questions

Treatment starts from £4000.

During the initial appointment we will first of all check to ensure all your teeth are healthy before discussing the course of treatment, taking some photographs, and some impressions.

Fastbraces® is a lifelong commitment. Once the treatment has been completed your dentist will place a wire (fixed retainer) on the back of your teeth to help keep them straight, however you will have to wear a plastic removable retainer of a night time. By not wearing the removable retainer, over time teeth can move back to their original position.

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